VR is Going to Change Your Business

Technologies which change the world of business used to come along once in a generation, but in the past 30 years we’ve seen two: the PC and the web. Virtual reality (VR) is poised to become the third, and could be even bigger than the web itself. Even though VR has only become mainstream in the past year or so, there’s already a wave of consumer interest in it. According to MediaTel, 52% of UK adults say they have a good understanding of VR and 47% are keen to try it out. Tractica claims that 200m headsets will be in the hands of consumers by 2020. To put that into context, it’s roughly the same amount as the current number of smartphone users in India, the world’s second largest market. Business adoption of a new technology often lags a little behind consumers, but in the case of VR it’s following closely. According to Tech Research Pro, 48% of companies are putting VR on their strategic road map for the next three years.<br>

VR Games


Estate Agencies

With VR, you could create virtual tours of properties that allow customers to get a much richer experience of what the building is like. You could also do things which are not currently possible at all – for example, giving a tour of a house during both daylight and evening to give a better indication of what the light is like at different times of day.

360-degree videos

Just put the headset on and be immersed in a new location. Whether it’s watching a football game or visiting a new country, I can see VR as an opportunity to bring our remote team closer while experiencing something new and fun.



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